DMOWC, and the winner is... Team Italy

Taranto - Taking 2 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes and 14 seconds to complete the 364 miles of the route which, starting from Taranto, took them first to round the Greek island of Merlera and then to cross the Ionian Sea towards Policoro, before to return to the city born with the name of Taras, Cecilia Zorzi and Matteo Sericano (Team Italy) won the Double Mixed Offshore World Championship, an event officially recognized by World Sailing, organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. and SSi Events, in collaboration with the Marina Militare and with the support of the Municipality of Taranto, Molo Sant'Eligio, the Circolo Velico Policoro and the local Section of the Lega Navale Italiana.

Sericano and Zorzi, who was at the second consecutive success in the event after the one obtained in Portoros in 2022, prevailed in perhaps the most competitive edition of this regatta: the ten competing crews, representing as many Nations and three continents, sailed together for at least two thirds of the regatta, which ended in favor of Team Italy during the approach to the Policoro mark.

"It was an extremely hard-fought race and much more tactical than we imagined on the eve of the race - commented Matteo Sericano once on land - We started to believe in the decisive breakaway during the second approach to Santa Maria di Leuca, when we managed to gain a few miles of margin on the English pairing, who up to that point was really close to us".

Statement echoed by Cecilia Zorzi, who added: "I am experiencing a moment of great satisfaction: winning this event for the second time conveys magical sensations. Coming to the regatta, we thought it would be a simple speed race, but instead, very soon, it arrived the moment of tactical choices: we were good at keeping things day by day, without straying too far from the program we had drawn up before departure".

Coming second were the fresh winner of the European women's double offshore title Ellie Driver and George Kennedy: the two British sailors, representing the colors of Team Great Britain/Chilli Pepper, were engaged for a long time in a tight duel with Zorzi-Sericano who, at the finish line, they paid a delay of 1 hour and 3 minutes.

Third place went to Team Scotland (Maggie Adamson and Finlayson Calanach), who arrived in Taranto about forty minutes after Team Great Britain/Chilli Pepper.

With gaps quantifiable in the order of minutes, Team South Africa, Team Spain, Team Norway, Team Argentina, Team Poland and Team Germany, the last of the crews to reach the finish line, completed the arrivals. Ten classified, having withdrawn due to an error in reading the route, was Team Sweden.

The Double Mixed Offshore World Championship 2023 will officially end at 10.30 tomorrow morning, when the awards ceremony will take place at Molo Sant'Eligio.