2023' Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour presented today in Rome

Rome - The 3rd edition of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour was presented today in Rome at the "Caio Duilio" Navy Officers' Club.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Marina Militare Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, the Chief Executive Officer of Difesa Servizi S.p.A. Luca Andreoli, the Director of Enit Sandro Pappalardo, the President of the SSi Events Riccardo Simoneschi took part. Also present in the room was the President of the Society, Doctor Gioacchino Alfano.

The Rai journalist Federica De Vizia moderated the event.

The prestigious offshore racing circuit that circumnavigates Italy is organized by Difesa Servizi, SSi Sports & Events, in collaboration with the Italian Marina Militare, and ENIT, and is recognized by the major international sailing institutions. From Genoa to Venice, in eight stages, the tour engages the different crews in the three Offshore, Inshore and Board disciplines.

The third edition of the regatta will take place from 02 July to 30 July. With a strong institutional connotation, the Sailing Tour of Italy was created to enhance the Marina Militare brand and over the years has become an effective initiative to promote the "Valore Paese Italia" project together with ENIT and the beauties of our territory, seen from a different which is the sea. We are heirs of that people of navigators Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour is a sporting event with the imprimatur of the Marina Militare which, with its banner, its history, is a symbol in the world of the ancient and prestigious traditions of the Italian navy.

"With the Nastro Rosa Tour, the Marina Militare intends to spread through sailing, which we consider the maximum expression of the bond between man and the sea, some of our values linked to the seafaring tradition: loyalty, courage, leadership and spirit of sacrifice , through the indissoluble pairing education - education which takes the form of education campaigns on sailing school ships, primarily, but not only, Vespucci and Palinuro” declared Admiral Berutti.

Over the years, the sailing tour has become a tool to increase growth in the tourism sector through the various projects on which Difesa Servizi works in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, Enit - National Tourism Agency, such as for example the Valore Paese Italia Project, in which "Valore Paese Lighthouses" is located, with its network of lighthouses converted into tourist accommodation present throughout the boot. Also for this edition the boats will sail in the coastal cities along the routes marked by the presence of the lighthouses, highly suggestive architectural works whose enhancement is conducted by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. as of 2015. Plus every boat in the race

it bears the name of a lighthouse that is being valorised by the Company.

“Difesa Servizi was born 12 years ago to enhance military assets that have both a civilian and military vocation. This allows the Armed Forces to recover resources but not only, since they are public assets, the value returns to the country" said the CEO Luca Andreoli on the sidelines of the presentation "The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour is a container to convey many other projects from a cultural, tourist and social point of view where the dual military-civil value represents to all intents and purposes a resource for the country, such as the project for the valorisation of the lighthouses.The sailing tour of Italy is a unifying element of this itinerary: routes and names of the boats evoke the lighthouses. The routes will become paths to touch these points of historical and landscape splendor "

This year's ambition is to further enhance the message of enhancement of Made in Italy in each stage through the regatta village - which will open in Genoa on June 24th - and which will be a place for meeting, exchange, a place to be experienced with a rich program schedule.

The 2023 edition will also be dedicated to technology, ecology and sustainable mobility.

Leadership, environmental protection, tourism, through this sports tour a narration of national culture. Also taking part in the presentation was Sandro Pappalardo, Director of ENIT who recalled how "tourism has changed. Today it's not just visits to cities of art, but you want to live an experience and this made us fall in love of this possibility". The format for the entire event was prepared by Riccardo Simoneschi, president of SSi Events who spoke of how central the theme of the environment is now, linked to sport and the sea, of which "...we were forerunners", he proudly admitted and added: "As organizers we want each edition to be an evolved and improved version of the previous ones and in view of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 we have joined our efforts even further in an attempt to raise the bar further. What is certain is that the departure from Genoa will be unforgettable, given that we are working on a major event together with the highest state and sporting institutions. From a competitive point of view, we have a strong international participation not only in the Nastro Rosa Tour but also in all the other events of the brand, starting with the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce: further proof that the road taken is the right one".