Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce, prizegiving took place at Yacht Club Italiano

Genoa - It was the fascinating halls of the Yacht Club Italiano that hosted the awards ceremony of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce 2022, the longest, and toughest, double handed regatta in the Mediterranean organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. and SSi International with the support of the Marina Militare.

In front of a large audience, and important institutional dignitaries, such as the Mayor of Genoa, Dr. Marco Bucci, Capitano di Vascello Marco Grassi, deputy director of the Hydrographic Institute of the Marina Militare who was present representing the Marina Militare Chief of Staff, and the president of the Yacht Club Italiano itself, Gerolamo Bianchi, paraded the crews protagonists of the event, which ended during the day on Tuesday right in front of the entrance to the port of the Ligurian capital.

Also present were the CEO of Difesa Servizi S.p.A. Luca Andreoli and SSi Events CEO Riccardo Simoneschi, from whose synergy events such as the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour and its many "declinations" were born over time.

The victory went to Pietro D'Alì and Matteo Sericano on The Ocean Race-Genoa Grand Finale, who took 9g 20h 23m 4s to complete the navigation from Venice to Genoa, winning both the overall success, rewarded with a prize money of 20,000 euros, and the Jack delle Repubbliche Marinare, a special ranking based on the passages from the gates of Venice, Amalfi, Pisa and Genoa.

Rounding out the podium were Team Mexedia (Cecilia Zorzi and Alina Bauzà), who arrived in Liguria with a time of 10g 4h 27m 52s and were able, in the case of Cecilia Zorzi, to improve on the result obtained last season, and Team Marina Sant'Elena (Maggie Adamson and Finlayson Calanca), who arrived about three and a half hours late (10g 7h 55m 12s) from the aforementioned Mexedia.

Also moored in Genoa at the Yacht Club Italiano docks since Wednesday are Algeco (Lisa Berher and Alex Laine) and World Cargo (Francesco Renella and Giacomo Nicchitta), fourth and fifth overall, respectively, joined on Thursday by Sanfer (Federico Waksman-Nicolas Ferrelech), which retired at Cecina after long leading the race.

Instead, Tam IREN (Alejandro Cantero-Lous Fournier) and Marina Militare (Lino Ceraldi and Pierpaolo De Carolis), both forced to retire due to technical problems brought about by the harshness of the weather conditions, are moored in La Maddalena, at the docks of the ASD Nastro Rosa Tour headquarters.

The project Valore Paese Italia - Lighthouses
Marina Miliare Nastro Rosa Veloce is an opportunity to promote the Marina Militare's sailing vocation and support the project Valore Paese Italia and the enhancement of lighthouses and coastal buildings. Valore Paese Italia is an initiative promoted for the first time in 2015 by the Agenzia del Demanio and the Ministry of Defense, through Difesa Servizi Spa, to offer state-owned lighthouses and defense assets to the market through the tool of the valorization concession according to a lighthouse accommodation model, respectful of the landscape and in line with territorial identities and the preservation of the environmental ecosystem.

For Luca Andreoli, general manager of Difesa Servizi SpA: "Within the Marina Miliare Nastro Rosa Veloce, Difesa Servizi continues to give evidence to the project Valore Paese Italia, the path of valorization of the "network" of lighthouses in use by the Marina Militare, which began already in 2015, according to a model respectful of the landscape and the environment. The Secretary of the Defense, while guaranteeing the operation of the navigation safety structure, the lighthouse signaling, intends to grant the community the possibility of being able to enjoy spaces and places with exclusive beauty and panoramic views. The lighthouses are arranged to accommodate tourist activities, receptive, along with cultural, social, sports initiatives and events for the discovery of the territory. At the same time, the company has already put in place preparatory activities to verify, with the various articulations of the Ministry of Defense, the availability of additional assets, in order to develop new "networks." Such as that of sports centers, many of which are allocated within the cities, some in the vicinity of historic centers, with the idea of creating a context in which, in addition to sports, culture and care of the environment can be combined, or that of Museums, to allow in a widespread way the enjoyment of all the historical and cultural heritage, which the Defense guards".

Along the route from Venice to Genoa, there are many Lighthouses to which the boats have paid "symbolic" homage. These are "jewels of the sea" that have been and/or will be recovered and rescued from degradation, thanks to an innovative and sustainable business project, with full respect for the protection and preservation of the territory.