The first offshore leg is for the Città di Taranto team (Carlo Campetella-Matteo Marzotto)

La Maddalena - The first leg of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour ended with the victory of the Città di Taranto team: Carlo Campetella and Matteo Marzotto crossed the finish line positioned in front of the town of La Maddalena at 16.56 yesterday afternoon, leaving Dr Automobiles (Cam Hook-James Bassom) by more than an hour (18.10) and the Guardia di Finanza-Fiamme Gialle team (Francesco Marrai-Romolo Emiliani) by two (18.57).

These are the first three finishers of a stage that spared no emotion, between moments of flat calm and violent gusts of wind, and which, as the keystone, had the tactical choice relating to the passage of Corsica, left on the left by well eight out of ten teams, and to the right of the remaining two, Città di Taranto and Dr Automobiles, who reached the finish line first and second.

"It was a great experience, a technical and competitive regatta: reaching the finish line first was a great emotion. Corsica was an important buoy, which led us to make a decision on the field in the initial stages: at the sums, leaving her to starboard proved to be a decisive choice. We found calmer sea conditions and we always walked: with Dr Automobiles it was almost a match race up to Bastia, where we broke the hesitation thanks to the choice to stay ashore to take advantage of the thermals. We really want to thank the shore team of the Navy Nastro Rosa Tour  and more generally, the organization in its entirety, whose commitment makes this event of absolute value and allows us sailors to concentrate only on the speed of the boat" commented Matteo Marzotto once on land.

The feat of the City of Taranto team was celebrated by Rinaldo Melucci, mayor of the Apulian city, who commented in a social post: "Congratulations to Carlo Campetella and Matteo Marzotto for bringing our city to the top step of the podium in this phase, in the context of the longest and most important itinerant sailing competition in Italy and in the Mediterranean".

Following the first three, Acone Associati (Marco Augelli-Francisco Gonzalez Sanchez), Carta Giovani (Max Quester-Giulia Farnetani) and City of Genoa (Arianna Liconti-Francesco Farci) passed the La Maddalena finish line.

Activities at the Regatta Village
While PRO Valentina Bravi, engaged yesterday morning in managing the first trials of Wingofoil and WASZP, registered the finishes of the offshore regatta at the La Maddalena finish line, various activities took place at the Regate Village that enthused and involved the public.

In the morning, leaving the Regatta Village early, the mayor of La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, accompanied by the C.V. Simone Battisti, Commander of the Non-Commissioned Officers School of La Maddalena, personnel from the organization of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour and a large group of cyclists, inaugurated the new section of the cycle path which, once completed, will reach Caprera. The cutting of the tricolor ribbon took place on a significant day, given that just yesterday the anniversary of Giuseppe Garibaldi's birth (July 4, 1807) was celebrated, and it kicked off the promotional ride of Memory Tourism, one of the various thematic strands di Valore Paese Italia, a project promoted as part of the Tour and signed by Difesa Servizi S.p.A., the State Property Agency, ENIT - the National Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Tourism.

In the evening, the full crowd at the Regate Village was registered thanks to the tasting of Genoese pesto, promoted by Il Pesto di Prà di Stefano Bruzzone, and by the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Gadget Night, during which some lucky ones received the officers of this event organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. and SSI Events in collaboration with the Navy.