Between La Maddalena and Naples the fastest was the City of Genoa (Sericano-Licursi)

Naples - The second stage of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023, which brought the Beneteau Figaro 3 fleet from La Maddalena to Naples, with the stop at the time given in the channel between Ischia and Procida due to the decrease in the breeze , was won by the City of Genoa (Matteo Sericano and Giovanni Licursi).

In command right from the start, Sericano-Licursi followed a rather southern route, remaining as close to the Sardinian coast as possible to make the most of the reinforcements in the thermal regime of the breeze. Capable of an important average performance, the City of Genoa, which arrived at 16.57, inflicted a considerable delay on its pursuers, who reached the finish line after several hours.

"The departure from La Maddalena, and the subsequent passage through Le Bisce and in front of Capo Orso, was very suggestive. From a technical point of view, in the initial stages, we had to make many gybes and this allowed us to warm up in view of the continuation of the regatta which, from a weather point of view, turned out to be rather declared due to constant high pressure that expanded from Calabria northwards, until reaching the Ligurian Sea. We were very clear that we wanted to remain in the air in way to always walk: for this reason we stayed close to the ground for as long as possible and, once we left Olbia behind, we concentrated on speed, even at the expense of the upwind angle. I don't know how many tacks we did, but it was certainly worth it, at least judging by the final result" commented Matteo Sericano, former winner of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce 2023 paired with Pietro D'Alì.

Opening the ranks of the pursuers, completing their efforts at 19.47, were Marco Augelli and Francisco Gonzalez Sanchez on Acone Associati, who at the photo finish anticipated the Navy (Vincenzo Vano and Ignazio Bonanno), who arrived at 19.52, and the Aeronautica Militare (Giancarlo Simeoli and Giovanni Bannetta), arrived at 20.03.

The arrivals of the City of Taranto, Guarda di Finanza-Fiamme Gialle, Dr Sportequipe and Carta Giovani were registered between 8 and 10.36 pm.

The first general classification, composed by combining the results of the two fractions disputed up to now, sees the City of Taranto (Campetella-Marzotto) and Acone Associati (Augelli-Gonzalez Sanchez) in the lead, followed with the slightest gap by the City of Genoa (Sericano- Licursi).

In the meantime, the Race Office has compiled the rankings of the fraction of La Maddalena as regards Wingfoil and WAZP, which started their Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 right in Sardinia.

No less than thirteen regattas were completed by the Wingfoils, with Nico Spanu of the Aeronautica Militare who set the pace, closing his participation with 11 points, a good 7 less than Rafferty Read (Acone Associati), whose score before the reject was the best in the fleet, and 17 less than Ernesto De Amicis (Guardia di Finanza-Fiamme Gialle).

Three regattas disputed by the ten WASZPs of SSI Events, with Alessandra Dubbini (Guardia di Finanza-Fiamme Gialle) who, thanks to two firsts and a second, anticipated Conall Green (Acone Associati) by 1 point and Bryce Hontoon ( Dr Sportequipe).

The award ceremony, both for the second offshore test and for Wingfoil and WASZP, is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 6 pm at the Navy Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 Regate Village, operating in Rotonda Diaz in Naples.

Activities at the Regatta Village
Meanwhile, at the Regate Village, the opportunities for meeting enthusiasts and the universe of this event organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. with SSI Events and the support of the Navy.

Among the key moments, the meeting between the young athletes of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 and Gianni Maddaloni, Judo and life coach, father of Pino, Olympic champion at the Sydney 2000 Games and manager of a gym in Scampia which has taken many young people off the street.

Great public involvement was also registered for the Gadget Night, always offered in combination with the tasting of Il Pesto di Prà.

Also on the occasion of the La Maddalena-Naples stage, the Navy Nastro Rosa Tour 2023 promoted the Discover Where You Port project of ENIT Azienda Nazionale del Turismo and divided into seventeen itineraries inspired by historical routes. The route of the second stage, at the behest of the Organizing Committee, overlapped for some sections with the Rotta della Sibilla, a route to be discovered between Nisida and Capo Palinuro.