La Maddalena 24 June 2024 – Along the route of the “Gallura Stage” the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2024 arrived in La Maddalena. The 09 Deas team was the first to cross the finish line followed by the 08 team of the Sanremo Yacht Club and the 03 team of the Guardia di Finanza. In an exciting race also due to the weather conditions, fourth place went to the 02 team of the Air Force while the 01 team of the Navy was fifth. Closing the order of arrival of this third stage in the Figarò 3 class are the 07 Acone Associati team, the 05 Rorc1 team, the 06 Rorc2 team, the 10 Yacht Club Italiano team and the 04 Città di Genova team.
Today the Waszp and Wingfoil categories will animate the waters of the Sardinian island.
Important event took place yesterday where, in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy, Admiral of the Squad Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, of the managing director of Difesa Servizi SpA, Dr. Luca Andreoli, and of the Mayor of La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, a letter of intent was signed which recognizes the potential advantage deriving from the valorisation of certain dual-use areas with sporting and social purposes.
These areas, defined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 14 March, concern the sports facilities of the Faravelli area and the pitch of the Military oratory.
By signing the letter, the Navy, Difesa Servizi SpA and the Municipality of La Maddalena intended to confirm their intention to maintain a close collaborative relationship for the valorisation of some military sites located on the island.