Sanremo 18 June 2024 – The sailing event of Difesa Servizi Spa, in collaboration with the Italian Navy and SSI Sport & Events, with the support of ENIT – National Tourism Agency, will arrive in Sanremo on 19 June following the route of the “Flowers Stage”, passing through the Giraglia island. A historic itinerary for sailors, the 71st edition of the Giraglia 2024 organized by the Italian Yacht Club recently ended.
The boats competing in the fourth edition of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour for the Waszp, Wingfoil and Offshore categories, for a total of over 50 national and international athletes, will populate the sea of the city.
Among the teams, in addition to that of the Italian Navy, also one of the Air Force and one of the Guardia di Finanza are competing. You can follow all phases of the regatta on tractrac.com.

Accompanying the regatta is the traveling village open to the public for sailing enthusiasts, our athletes, professionals and citizens who will be able to discover the world of the Marina
Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2024: stands, food trucks, meeting areas, where to follow the regattas, fully breathe the passion for the sea, sailing and for the Italian tourist beauties.
A village full of opportunities to develop synergies between all participants and promote
effectively sport, culture, science, technology, solidarity, respect for the environment. Also in Sanremo is The Custodians Plastic Race project, to protect the sea and the territory by clearing it from plastic.