EMOEC: in Genoa Mexedia Sailing Project is European Champion

Genova - Crossing the finish line at 8.17 '07 of this morning, more than one hour ahead of the runner up, Mexedia Sailing Project won the EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship (EMOEC), an event organized by Sailing Series International in collaboration with the Lega Navale Italiana, under the aegis of EUROSAF.

Leading from the start and protagonists of a close head-to-head with the Spanish couple of IREN (Manera-Manera), Cecilia Zorzi and Giovanni Di Monaco scored the decisive break yesterday afternoon when, hooked the expected reinforcement of the breeze, they were the first to accelerate, allowing the leading trio to stretch, then defended a margin which, at the best moment, was almost about 6 nautical miles.

Cecilia Zorrzi, who defended the title she won last September in Naples, again during the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour, paired with Alberto Bona, commented: "Tiredness and joy mark the highest levels. We sailed hard, with some high concentration: the race was too close to be able to afford distractions of even a few minutes and I believe that keeping concentration high was the key to interpreting it in the best possible way. The weather was a little better than the forecast: the first hours were complicated then, leaving Corsica to the back, the air filled in and we advanced quite well. We arrived very early, but this is good because it was a challenging race and the mental reserves are now exhausted " .

Words taken by Giovanni Di Monaco, at his first regatta on the Beneteau Figaro 3, who added: "At the beginning the important thing was not to lose contact with the top player and Cecilia, who has a great knowledge of the boat, was very good at adjustments and in maneuvering, managing to keep up with the opponents and come out as leaders from the Strait of Bonifacio. Weight that the further keystone of the regatta was when, on the second evening, we hooked the reinforcement of the breeze together with the other treads: once we were given a gennaker we found ourselves on the shorter route and. even at that juncture, Cecilia, who brought her to the best, was exalted: what can I say, it was a great experience ".

At 9.23 '45 it was the turn of Ali dell'Aria by Pietro D'Alì and Lucille Frascari, skilled in overtaking the Spanish duo right on the woolen thread, thus securing the silver medal. With the bronze around the neck of the Manera brothers finishing fourth were the surprising Barbara Karpinska and Vladimir Kulinichenko who, as shown during the regatta, would have deserved a place on the podium.

While the arrivals continue, and the fleet is recomposing itself along the quay in front of the Genoa Sea Museum, the award ceremony, the final act of EMOEC 2022, has been set for tomorrow morning.